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Khushab is at a drive of 45 minute from Sargodha.You reach the Khushab after crossing the river Jhelum.It is of great pleasure travelling on some height with great river Jhelum flowing below.
The name Khushab is said to be of historical importance.Once an emperor passed through Khushab on his way.he drank teh water and acclaimed trhe quality of water and called it a "place having fine water".
Khush means "fine" and aab means "water".
It is not well developed modern place.More like a village.People are origional and pure,fond of sweets.
A special sweet DHODHA is very famous all over the Pakistan like Sohan Halwa of Multan.It is a product of desi ghee.
Neighbour of Khushab Jauhar abad has Govt. offices.It is hardly 10 minutedrive from KHushab.
People like their own Awami Funkars.Panjabi songs are often heard on roads,shops and even in houses.People arrange musical functions with these singers on amrriages and other ocassions.
Khushab is a distt. of many far off villages like Hadali,Groat,Katha,Padharar,Khabaki,jaba,Mardwal and Surraki.
Wheat is a common product.Here people do not do jobs but are farmers , businessmen or working in foreign countries.Usually parents send their sons to army after matriculation.Differnet castes of people live here. No prejudice though exist.Awans , Noons and Tiwanas are main of them. Subcastes and Biradary system has firm roots.A common person has to meet and participate in all actions of his Biradary.Biradary is people of same caste but their grand grand fathers were by some way relatives.
We are working on geographic features.